Our First Year!

Wow a year already! We started this business just three ladies wanting to add a little more thrill and purpose to our everyday lives. We had all just gone through the planning of two weddings in one whirlwind of a summer, and felt we had something we could bring to the wedding industry in Prince George.

If you’ve been on our Instagram and Facebook, you would see the odd picture of us. We sprinkle those in there to give you all a visual of who is behind this business. Let’s start with Joan, mother to Kyla and Kathleen she brought her accounting skills and business expertise to the table. She works full time in business world. Then there’s Kathleen. Planning her own wedding in the Okanagan she gained an eye for the details that go into a wedding and the special attention that is needed to capture the personal touches. She works full time in another industry, but wanted to explore her creative side and love of pretty details. Then we have Kyla, a full time Esthetician and Spa Manager at Razors Edge. She adds her devotion to customer service and her superior people skills to our group. While she loves her day job, Kyla also found a love for all things wedding and working with brides. With all these ingredients we feel we’ve got the perfect team!

Let’s talk about you! Firstly, the recognition we received from clients and the public was overwhelming! When we shared our business with you, we couldn’t believe how many of you liked, shared and cheered us on. Every time a new like or new follower appeared we had this “pinch me” feeling. It’s hard to know how our business would be received by the public… but the ways all of you reacted and continue to engage with us tells us there is an unmeasurable amount of support behind us. For months we prepared and cultivated our business dreams, ideas, and plans. Olive Tree Décor has become so much more than a business for us. Its been a chance for us to move passionately forward down this creative avenue. We were so thrilled and anxious to share Olive Tree with you. We have put a lot of positive energy and hard work into each of our projects and we are so grateful for the admiration and praise. Our passion continues to grow and evolve; you truly inspire us and that’s a beautiful thing! THANK YOU!

This year has not been without its challenges. The three of us have learned so so so much about the industry and even more about human nature. To be honest, I don’t think anyone could have warned us or told us exactly what to expect. We had to do a lot of learning through experience and trials.  It’s made us stronger, more adaptable and given us a new drive for the next wedding season ahead.

Where would we be without the support of fellow businesses in the wedding industry? We want to support and encourage everyone in this industry. It’s incredible to look around and see just how much talent is in reach! Every chance we’ve had to meet and work with other businesses has been incredibly motivating and makes this industry so exciting.  This town is lucky to have the people we do running strong businesses. We can’t wait for more interactions with even more fellow vendors.

What drives us is the need to bring something new to Prince George. This year has also reminded us of some important life lessons: be confident, trust your gut, and stay positive!  We strive to keep our business current, adaptable to new trends and approachable. So far, we have some very exciting things on the books for 2018 and cannot wait for the opportunities yet to come.

Thank you for letting Olive Tree Décor into your lives and special events. Here are a few photos from some of the events Olive Tree Décor was lucky to be a part of this past year.



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