Last Minute Decor Tips

If you are anything like us, you’ve stressed about the little things when it came to your wedding! From cake tables, seating charts and gift tables we know these things seem to pile up. We have decided to break it all down for you. We added a few tips and tricks that we learned while planning our big day. If any of you brides are out there still struggling after reading this, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our advice is free and we are more than happy to share our ideas.



Cake Table

How do you plan on displaying your cake or cupcakes on the big day? Both of us felt that less was more when it came to our cake table. A simple sign like “Love is sweet, take a treat”, cake platter of course, a couple vases with candles or flowers and serving ware is all you really need! Take a look at a few of our rentals that we’ve compiled for you to get inspired. And let them eat cake!!

OliveTreeDecor_Business2017_MRP-48 - rv 1

Seating Chart

Kathleen used our large vintage frame and placed her tables charts beautifully. Kyla used a vintage window pane generously donated to her from a friend. Both of us placed our seating plans right front and centre so no one would miss it! This task was surprisingly time consuming to organize tables with guests. The added stress of any last-minute drop outs can really muck up your numbers. If you can work on your tables gradually and then fine tune them the week or two before the big day, hopefully it will save you some trouble. We have a few options for you whether there are 20 tables or 10 tables. Let this piece set the tone of your décor and welcome guests beautifully.

Gift and Guestbook Signing Table

Yay for wedding gifts! It’s nice to have a sign indicating where to place the gifts. This day and age a nice card and money seems to be the favored wedding gift. We used the suitcase for one of our weddings and the vintage card box for the other.  We have paired these two décor pieces together to make sure that signing of the guestbook doesn’t get forgotten. Whether your guests sign the book as they first walk in or not, they will see where it is that you’ve placed it! Advice to you – don’t hide it where no one can find it. Also, Kyla can add… if your paper is glossy be sure to bring the appropriate pen – some can smudge!




Welcome Table

Not necessary in some eyes, but for us it was a great way to introduce our bridal party with a few pictures and a write up, timeline of events and important shuttle information. An important lesson we learned  – don’t expect all your guests to remember the important information you put so kindly on your wedding website for them. It’s nice for guests to have a place to refer to when they have some questions that they would normally pester your busy loved ones with. As far as admiring your bridal party write up this is something they can do when they are killing time waiting for the bride and groom or dinner line up. Here’s a few items to inspire you for your welcome table.


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